Single for the holidays?
How to Put the “You” in “Yuletide”

Angela Manfredi 2005 ©

Angela Manfredi As I bobbed and weaved through the mall crowds with the alacrity of a prize fighter, it occurred to me that there are numerous benefits to being sans significant other around the holidays.

1.) More money to spend on me!
The cash I would have plunked down for a boyfriend's present can now be funneled into my designer purse fund. Instead of a Pete, a Steven, or a Patrick, I'll be cozying up to my new Louis.

2.)No exhaustive gift analysis.
This year, I won't have to figure out what it means when the dude-du-jour proudly presents me with a Cappuccino machine. (A hint that if I make him a latte, he'll see me a latte? Or, is this the best non-committal, non-interpretable gift he could come up with; as if there were such a thing!)

3.)It's a One-derful Life!
Each year, I enjoy a holiday movie marathon while consuming a barrel of Caramel Crunch Popcorn. Undeterred by being unattached, I plan to continue this ritual complete with comfy sweats and emergency trip to the dentist for new fillings. Best of all, I'll have total control over the remote control!

Happy Holidays, friends! If you're interested in contributing to a meaningful cause this holiday season, you can adopt a family through the Migrant Association of South Florida.

Call Scarlett P. Fave at 561-737-6336
ext. 115.

Thank you!